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They let us go!

They Who's who were holding us gathered us up in the middle of the night and dropped us off near the main road. I think the defector of the group that was going to help us swayed more members. Anyway, Chris and I are on our way back home now, we only stopped at this small shop and the owner let me use his computer and phone, I've called the girls and let them know I am on my way home, I still haven't seen Ned, but I will try to get word that he doesn't need to go all the way to the outskirts anymore...



New letter from Sally to Ned

Erm...just got this in the morning post, Ned is getting ready to go get Sally sooo I'll just give this right to him:


  I'm alive, I'm with Chris, we've tried to talk our way out, I was ambushed me  about 30 miles after the buses stop running.....I think my arm is broken...my leg hurts but I can kinda hobble, don't tell the kids about all this...I don't want them to worry....Chris isn't badly hurt...a few scraps and cuts like me...These Whos....I don't know...We must do something....there is so much misunderstandings here from what Chris tells me....

They are talking about how to Use me as a hostage after they heard you were my husband...don't worry thou I don't think anything worse can happen...Chris is trying to protect us but....you know...anyway I have to go they are coming...they're keeping Chris and I in some sort of cell...

Oh Ned...I'm sorry..I should have told you....I love you....watch out for the kids!


A Letter From Sally

Er..this is Samson....Sally Left this for you kids and Ned to read:

To My Family,
          I'm sorry I had to leave before I could tell you but you Uncle Chris is in trouble in the Outskirts! Since Ganny and Granpa Omalley passed on you Aunts and Uncles are all we have so I've gone to help him. Don't worry I'll be fine and home with Uncle Chris in no time, be good for your father and Uncle Samson, help out with little  Maxy and make sure Jojo doesn't hole up in the observatory again!

Ned...I love you, try not to worry! I'll be home soon!

Love always,

Mom (Sally)

Erm..thats it, I'm sure everything will be OK, Sally-er your mom is tough and can handle a lot! But if you need to talk...just ya know..let me know...k....gotta go figure out how to work Sally's stove......

Right then!

I have been hearing the most awefull rumors about those outskirts and then what do you suppose I hear? My litle brother Chris is there trying to play peacemaker and now they won't let him leave!!   :(   I am going to go get him! I can't aske Ned to, he's already been there and I won't ask him to go back, besides he is needed here in Whoville.

I've called my Brother Samson Johansonsmitch and he's going to come take care of the kids, I'll also check in with Midge and my other firends to see if they can pop in. I've left a note for Samson to read to the kids about why I left, but I asked him to make sure they know I'll be coming home as soon as I can! Hold on Chris I'm on my way! 

I hate to leave Maxy and Jojo and the girls but Chris is my brother, I have to get him! Ned I love you I'm sorry I haven't see you and I miss you more then ever!

I am still alive!

well I have just been soo busy...sorry for the delays...things have slowed down....( OOC: Sorry guys I had a lot to take care of but I'm back :D) Maxted is now in pre-school, and the teachers say we have another little artist in the family, I've hung his finger paintings on the fridge..<3

I was so relieved to have Jojo home! I was so worried, his father grounded him, which is a good idea seeing as how he scared the living daylights out of his father and I....it was almost as bad as when Ned went off to the Outskirts...oh Who...that was just awfull..I stayed up many a night worrying.....I almost called my sister and went out there my self. I have thought about going and exploring...not sure Ned would let me though....

Ned is working so hard....I miss him but he has to work hard...it's his job and nautre...I love him so much I just hope he knows that....<3

I need to catch up with Gertrude, and all my friends they must be thinking I've been abducted or some nonsense like that...good lord...


Goodness how time flies!

Well I am sooo sorry for the lenghty gaps ini my posts as of late...so much going on you know! All the kids are doing well as far as I can tell, and little Maxy said his first words! "Mama" and "Baba" it was adroable!! Things for me are going well too, I think the councilmen might be mad at me but I don't really care, my husban deserves better then how they treat him!! Anyway, I'm back some cupcakes for the kids, and Maxy is helping...and by helping I mean he is covered in flour from head to toe and has a smudge of frosting on his nose...I tool a picture...that boy is going to be a heart breaker some day! I can tell by his eyes...sucha cutie and he knows it! I was excited to see that Midge is back in town! I hope she and Mikey will come over for supper or coffee some time soon and we can all catch up!

Sorry for the time lag!

Well I have been very busy with Maxted, he is growing so fast!! But now he's old enough to sit up in a high chair in the same room as me as I work around the house! Ned has gone back to work and I miss him already!! But he's needed there so...oh well. All the girls have been so helpfull, so has JoJo, when he's been here. All in all things are good, and life goes on much as I would have expected it too.


it's been awhile!

Well it has been a while since I posted, but things have been hectic around here with the new baby. Maxted is doing just fine! He grows more every day and sometimes it surpises me how fast! I know I have done this 97 times but it is always amazing how fast these little Whos just grow an grow every day! <3

Ned has been wonderfull! A big help while he could be home. I really must thank Gertrude for her help in geeting my husband time off..maybe I can send her some of the Lillies she helped bring back! They are looking wonderful, and I ave taken little Maxy out to sit by them several times. He seems to really love looking at all their beautiful colors!! I know I do, and the scent of them really brings back fond memories!



(OOC: I worked out a LOT of stuff and my mini-before-finals-meltdown is over and behind me! Thank god..anyways, my stress is undercontrol! FINALLY! Sooo...sorry to JoJo and Gertie for a late night freak out of epic perportions Wed. I went home and talked to my family and worked everything out. :) Love you guys and chat with ya soon!~Jem) 


Yeah, things are still aweome with Maxted, he's napping right now...Ned put him down for the Nap...it was adorable to watch. Anyways, Things are quite around here and I am very thankfull for that. Hopefully Ned and I can spend some time together this afterrnoon just the two of us and relax.... 


Well, we've been home about a week, and Maxy is doing just fine. Ned is enjoying the time home, and I am enjoying having my husband around! It has made me so happy to have him around more, and spending time with him and the baby have made me so happy. He is so good with Maxy, and that little baby boy loves his daddy....Ned can make him laugh so much...*sighs* I am so happy right now. The girls are all doing so well and they love little Maxy...and JoJo...well he hasn't been around much...I...I don't know, I hope he is ok...he's not talking to me right now...I just...I'm a little worried.




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